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Nano NP LiquidGlass

Topaz has been authorized by NTSI to perform these special coating. it is a registered patent by the German conpany Nanopool in the nanotechnology field. 


Glass is one of the oldest man made materials. It mainly consists of silicon dioxide (SiO2). By adding aluminum oxide, potassium oxide, calcium oxide and other components, glass can achieve various properties, most of which are well understood. however we the NTSI Nanopool enables to create glass, with hitherto unknown characteristics.


The NP Liquidglass coatings are in principle pure, flexible, super-durable glass, albeit at the molecular level.


These characteristics can protect glass surfaces and add extra functionality to the glass surface, making it Easy-to-Clean, Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, Protected against aggressive environmental influence, Protected against abrasion and Anti-microbially protected (this characteristic has massive implications for domestic, healthcare and industrial environments.


The transparency of the glass is in no way impaired by the np-coating and importantly undesired light reflexes are not detected.

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