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Company Profile

Topaz is the oldest company in Israel and the leader in the field of insulated glass
production. Dozens of years of experience, advanced technology and strict adherence
to product quality standards have enabled Topaz the privilege of being involved in
prestigious products around the country.
Topaz is the only company that enables its customers to enjoy a perfect and reliable
product, with a 5 years guarantee and professional service.
Topaz has been tested and reviewed by the Israel Standards Institute and found to
comply with Israeli Standard 2015 and ISO 9001.


Activity Fields

  • Production and marketing of insulated glass, offering energy savings, thermal and
    acoustic insulation for public and residential buildings.


  • Applying structural glazing to public structures toward achieving a clean glass
    exterior without aluminum partitions, certified by Dow Corning , Tremco and Sika.

  • Production and marketing of a variety of Insulating Glass with internal venetian
    blinds, operated manually or electrically, upon demand.

  • Support and consulting to architects, developers, contractors and energy
    consultants, and help in the selection in the glass to be used for a project, adjusting colors and thermal specifications as per customer demand.


Exclusive representative of Pellini Italy, a leading European manufacturer of Venetian blinds and fabric curtains suited for integration with the Insulating Glass panes.

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