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Insulating Glass


Insulating Glass is a single unit comprised of two sheets of glass with a dry air between them. 


This unit enables saving energy costs and minimizes external noise and penetrating the interior of the building.


The Insulating Glass panes are manufactured in a process two sealing operations, ensuring a high level of sealing and durability over years in varying climatic conditions. 


All production processes are subject to very strict quality control guidelines.


The sealing method is adjusted to the double glazing requirements and customer demands.


Regular Insulating Glass is manufactured in a cold sealing process called 2-component polysulfide or polyurethane, and is based on a mixture of two substances. This method is especially effective in the Israeli climate; it prevents glass slippage and ensures a perfectly fitting seal over time. This method is used for the double glazed panes installed within a frame.


Another method utilized by Topaz is Silicon sealing. This method is intended mainly for screen walls, skylights or locations requiring especially strong structural durability and UV protection.


Many years of experience enable us to help customers architects and energy consultants in customizing the Insulating Glass composition, glass thickness and specifications to project needs

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